Our goal at Guild Local is to connect teachers/students/local businesses in order to grow and improve our community.  We’re always looking for partners to help us make that happen.  Local coffee shops, restaurants, businesses, museums, galleries, co-work spaces and conference rooms are an ideal fit.  Have access to space?  Let us know.

Why should I become Guild venue?
Promoting local teachers, local businesses and developing a local community is one of our primary goals. Hosting classes with Guild Local is a great way to increase exposure, expand your customer base and get more people in the door.  Whether you’re a restaurant looking for a boost on slow nights or a gallery ready to connect with locals in your community, hosting a Guild Local class can help.

How do I sign up to be a Guild venue?
Fill out our Venue Submission Form to let us know you are interested in hosting classes…

Does it cost me anything to become a Guild venue?
Not at all.  You’re providing space.  We’re providing exposure, new customers.  It’s a win-win.


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