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We are all experts at something.  We all have something that we can teach others.  This is your chance to meet some great people who love what you love, help create community and make this city a better place.

3 more reasons you should teach

  • Share your knowledge
  • Connect with people
  • Make some money!
Here are the down and dirty details for teaching a class with Guild Local:
  • As a teacher, you would receive 60% of every ticket sold. You will add any materials cost to the fee per ticket. We take care of all customer service, marketing, signups, payment processing. We pay you 48 hours after the class using paypal, so get an account!
  • Most classes take place on weekday evenings (5:30-9pm) and weekend days (anytime after 10am, let people sleep in!) … so whatever works best with your schedule!
  • You set the length of the class. Classes are generally 1-3 hours
  • We recommend scheduling your class 4-6 weeks from the class submission date.
  • Classes are held at public venues such as coffee shops, office spaces and cultural organizations. If you don’t have a venue, we’d be happy to help. More info on Venues.
  • You let us know how many folks you want to limit your class to.
Next steps

Checkout our FAQ’s, Create a User Id, and fill out our Teach a Class form. If you have any questions e-mail us at info@guildlocal.com

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