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Do I need any experience?

We are all experts at something.  We all have something that we can teach others.  So weather you have a degree or real world experience, this is your chance to meet some great people who love what you love. Along the way you will help strengthen our community and make this city a better place.   If you have never taught something like this we will help you! You can check out our Planning 101 page for ideas.

What types of classes are offered at Guild Local?

Our class topics will fall into six main categories, or as we like to call them, Guilds. These include business, tech, health, arts, culture, and culinary.   We believe in collaborative learning and so we encourage a hands on approach.

Do you offer any online classes?

NO – we are all about LOCAL and building community through personal interaction.

What are the fees?

There is no posting fee for your class. The teacher receives 60% of the ticket cost. (including materials cost).
For example: for a $25 class ($20 class + $5 materials fee) the teacher would make $15 per ticket sold. So a sold-out class of 15 people will provide $225 of net earnings.

What happens to the other 40%?

Marketing/Promotion, seeking venues for those who need them, the handling of class fees, the distribution of teachers earnings, and other administrative costs make up the majority of that percentage.  In addition, Guild Local will contribute a percentage of our earnings to smaller, community-based charities in our area.  We believe that as community builders, we must invest directly into our community.

I’m ready to teach, how do I submit a class?

The first step is to create a user Id. Be sure to fill out all the bio and qualifications on your profile. We will link you to all your classes, and your students will be able to see who is teaching and read about you. Once you have created a user id and filled in your profile, you can submit your class through the Teach A Class form. Your class will be sent to us for approval, and you will be notified when it has been approved.

Where can I have my class?

Local coffee shops, restaurants, bars, parks, businesses, museums, galleries, co-work spaces and conference rooms are an ideal fit. You can even teach your class at your home if you would like. You may know a place to have your class, like your favorite restaurant who is interested in getting more foot traffic on a slow night. We also are here to help with finding a venue, we have a few connections that may be a good fit. On the Teach a Class form you can indicate that you need a venue.

What if no one signs up for my class?

Bummer! We will work with you to find another date, maybe take a deeper look at the class description and make some changes, and try again. Let us know if this happens: info@guildlocal.com

What if a Student needs to cancel?

We suggest the student give away or try and sell their ticket. The student will need to fill out the “I Can’t Attend My Class.” On this form the student will tell us who will be replacing them for the class, as we do not offer refunds.

When does registration end?

We will close class registration 3 hours before the class start time.

What if my class requires additional materials? Can I charge extra?

Yes, we encourage teachers to provide materials for the class and add the cost into the ticket cost. This way all students have the correct materials needed. In some cases you can list the materials needed in the class description, just be very thorough so people bring the correct supplies and can learn without hesitation.

What if something comes up and I can no longer can teach my class?

While we are a bit laid back here at Guild Local, we do take our class commitments seriously. We ask that you would consider carefully the class dates that you submit. We do understand that emergencies happen. In that case we need the teacher to inform us at least 24 hours before your class. We will inform your students and offer them a refund. Let us know at: info@guildlocal.com

How will I know how many people have signed up for my class?

Within your User Profile, under Events, you can see all your posted classes as well as your students for each class.

How will I get paid?

You will get paid within 2-3 business days after your class is completed. We’ll notify you via email when your payment is completed. All payments are processed with Paypal, so make sure you have an account set up in order to receive your money. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can sign up for one (http://www.paypal.com) in just a few minutes. Sorry, we are unable to provide alternate payment options (i.e. check, cash) at this time.

How does the class approval process work?

It’s not that we don’t trust you, We do a check over your class and descriptions for a few things. While we want your personality to be present, we still need to uniform a few things. Here is what we are looking for:

  • Give a detailed description of the class and what it will cover. Who would the class be ideal for? Don’t be boring, this isn’t a college syllabus.
  • Find a great professional photo that captures what the class is about. Please steer from logos. Search on-line if you don’t currently have one that is a good fit.
  • Make sure your profile has a good close-up photo of you, as well as links to some of your work. This is where students will read about you, and have a face to look for on class day.
  • Keep your class topics rated G to PG-13 (we’ll consider “R” on a case-by-case basis). We will not approve offensive topics.
  • Focus your class description on the value you will bring to your students, and the end goal of your class time.

So, if your class looks good, we will approve it within 48 hours or contact you if we have any questions. We reserve the right to disapprove any classes or content at our sole discretion.

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