Promote Your Class

You want your class to be seen by as many people as possible, here are few tips on how to do it…

Share on Social Media: We should all know the power of social media by now, this is the fastest and easiest way to get the word out to your friends and your friends friends. Tweet about your class, post your class on your Facebook, post on your blog and invite your friends to spread the word.


  • Create a retweet-able tweet (120 characters) with your live link and an @Guildlocal mention.
  • Tweet out!
  • Ask friends/family members to share your tweet.


  • Increase outreach by posting your class link on your friends’ walls. Who knows … maybe someone in their networks will be interested in your class!
  • Post your class link on Facebook group pages that are similar to your class topic.
  • Take advantage of your own wall and include a link to your class. Ask 10 friends who support you to share your class listing with others who may be interested.

Send an Email: Yes, people still use e-mail. Let friends, colleagues, and connections know about your class with a quick email. Make sure to include anyone who may have an interest or know someone with an interest in your class.

  • Email your family, friends, and colleagues, Invite them to attend, Ask them to spread the word.
  • Contact organizations youʼre involved in (alumni groups, professional groups) with word of your class.
  • Contact relevant, local Meetup groups re: your class.

Talk about it: Word of mouth goes a long way. Let others help you get the word out, chat about it, make sure people know what you are up to.

Be Creative: Post flyers, put them up places that you frequent. Coffee shops, Community walls, and restaurants are good places for this.

Editable Flyers:


Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 11.30.20 AM



Guild Promotional Flyer

Guild Direction Flyer Right

Guild Direction Flyer Left

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