Portrait Skin Retouching 101

Portrait Skin Retouching 101
Date(s) – 05/04/2013
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Class Description:

This class covers the details of skin, how to retouch it without blurring it and causing the loss of all your skin texture. Create porcelain skin without damaging your image.

Class Requirements:

Must understand basic Photoshop tools. (Clone Stamp, Heal, etc)

Teacher Qualifications:

Served as a Creative Director and Fashion Photographer for the first local Hispanic Magazine in Memphis for two years. Creator of the only fashion column geared to the Hispanics in Memphis.
Owner of www.kstarphotography.com

Teacher Bio:

Her first name initial + the first four letters of her last name = KSTAR

Kathleen Starita is Venezuelan born high fashion, avant-garde inspired artist. based in Memphis, TN. She graduated with honors at the International Academy of Design and Technology located in Tampa, Florida. She served as the Creative Director, fashion/photo editor and photographer for La Onda Magazine, the only Hispanic entertainment magazine in the Mid-South region. Kathleen currently contributes with a local Hispanic Newspaper “El Norte Noticias” with a Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion Section called “Con Stylo” (with style).

Working under the moniker KStar, Kathleen’s shooting style consists on mixing artificial with natural light. She will often shoot in her small cozy studio located in Bartlett and loves to utilize location shoots to accomplish the artist or organization’s message and concept. KStar uses her vision beyond just photography, she helps clients determine clothing and hair options.

Her body of work is simplistic, elegant,cutting edge and fashion forward. KStar’s has photographed some local personalities from radio’s Riley Couture (Q107.5 FM) and Ty Hawkins (101.9 Radio NOW), Jay Sparxx (Q 107.5) to artists Marcela Pinilla, DJ Crumbz, and Freesol keyboardist “Premo.”
She assisted internationally recognized lifestyle photographer Scoggin Mayo on a Justin Timberlake photo shoot for Golf Magazine.
Her latest accomplishment was to display her work with fellow Hispanic Artists at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens show “Memphis Vive”

KStar serves as the Memphis Latino Cultural Center coordinator for its Hispanic Visual Artists Committee.
Recently she was recognized by Fuji Film Venezuela as a featured photographer of the week for her conceptual, fashion and beauty work; different of her pieces were dislayed every day on their page.

Photography is her passion so KStar offers basic photography classes to share wisdom and knowledge with the general public about the art form.



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