Mental Fitness Training: Getting Your Mind Right

GOIN DOWN: March 23, 2013 | Health

Mental Fitness Training: Getting Your Mind Right


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm


7730A Trinity Road Suite 106
Cordova, TN 38018

23 Spaces Available!

Class Description:

Are you ready to get fitness on?! I hope so because this class will be the BEST mental training and conditioning workout ever! No equipment needed for mental fitness training  In this 75 minute class you will learn 6 mental rep exercises specifically designed to:

  • train and condition your mental ‘muscles’
  • get your mind right
  • make this your healthiest and fittest year yet
  • get better results
  • whip you into world-class shape

When you leave you will have your ticket to making 2013 your healthiest and fittest year yet. Whoop! Whoop!

A little extra from Coach B…
I’ve been working in the health and fitness field for over seven years now, and I can say that one of the biggest obstacles keeping people from achieving real success is a lack of training and conditioning exercises for their internal self. I call these internal-self training exercises and workouts, ‘mental reps.’
I’ve seen so many folks fall short of achieving their goals because they invested all or most of their time in training their outer/physical self while neglecting their internal self – their mental, emotional, and spiritual self. And the proven method of successfully achieving health and fitness goals – and anything else in life – is by Getting Your Mind Right.
Conditioning yourself from the inside-out – getting your mind, emotions, and spirit in world-class shape – is so important because if you don’t Get Your Mind Right and your mental, emotional, and spiritual self is out of shape, you are never going to have the success you hope to achieve. And it doesn’t matter how hard you train your outer/physical self. If your internal-self and mind aren’t right, there is ALWAYS going to be a gap between where you are and where you want to be.
Mental reps are just as critical and will produce just as dramatic results as anything else you do in a physical workout. Neglect them and you’ll continue getting what you’ve always gotten because you’ll continue to do what you’ve always done. Do it only when you feel like it? Leave your program early? Let the gap keep getting bigger?
Sign-up for this class and that ends here. On March 2nd, 2013 we begin your mental reps. And we start getting your mind right.

Teacher Bio:

Becca Marino:

When I’m not working out I love: Chilling out with my
family and friends, traveling to new places and getting a mani/pedi.

People who inspire me: Women who have overcome adversity;
turning personal pain and rage into action and positive change .Eve Ensler
of the Vagina Monologues and, Malika Sadaa Saar of the Rebecca
Project for Human Rights. Also, Abraham Lincoln for his perseverance.

Mantra: Believe it, bring it, achieve it and never, ever, ever give up

Teacher Qualifications:

BS Exercise Science
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) – Certified Personal Trainer
Lifestyle Coach



Reservations are closed for this event!