Gelatin Printing and Book Binding

GOIN DOWN: June 15, 2013 | Art

Gelatin Printing and Book Binding


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



25 Spaces Available!

Class Description:

Experimental approaches to book making. Exploring conceptual attitudes will be combined with developing skills in book binding, paper making, assorted printed processes and interactive content via Aurasma augmented reality smartphone apps.

Skill Taught:

Book binding, print making, augmented reality

Teacher Bio:

Leni Stoeva

I see my role as a teacher as primarily threefold: 1) passing on knowledge and equipping the students with the skills necessary for success 2) showing the students how to go beyond the basics, enabling them to think creatively and originally in the application of said knowledge and skills, and 3) stressing to the students the importance of becoming life-long learners, to continue to seek knowledge long after they leave the classroom.

My efforts are focused upon: assigning research and writing components as part of the design projects to provide context for content and audience; outlining clearly articulated design processes and schedules to provide organization and structure; allowing studio time to be used for critiques and discussions; giving technical instruction to support the execution of ideas; creating critique groups to establish community where the students deliver the majority of the critique so that they may also learn to articulate their own thoughts about design.

I find it important to maintain my own personal practice as an active freelancer while continuing my research, which focuses on personal identity, branding, and production. This continued research, combined with my pedagogical strategies, is dedicated to teaching the principles of design in a dynamic, professional, and hands-on way that will remain with students long after they graduate. As I address the challenge of preparing students to slip into a highly dynamic situation, I continually ask myself the question what is appropriate and necessary to teach – to pass on – today?

Teacher Qualifications:

BFA- Painting
MFA- Digital Media


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