What is Guild Local?  guildlocal 

Guild Local is a online resource for connecting the community through innovative offline classes taught by local experts.


Why Guild Local?
The Guild Local tribe is a network of people who believe that learning doesn’t stop. We believe that learning is lifelong and that it should be obtainable, accessible and affordable. Our community is about people teaching their passions and learning their interests with other like-minded people. In so doing, we all grow, we all learn, we connect with other people and we make this city a better place.

How does Guild Local work?

It’s all about community. This is your chance to connect to other people in the community with shared interests. Our hope is that The Guild will not only connect people, but by holding classes in venues all around the city, we will also connect small business owners with new customers.

How can you participate?

Become a teacher
You don’t need a degree to teach here! You just need to know your subject matter and have a desire to share it with others. And you control your income! You set the student fee and earn $ based on how many people take your class. Have a passion you want to share? Sign up now to teach a class!

Become a student
Treat yourself, take a class in something you’ve always wanted to do just for fun. Or, improve your employability, advance your career through a more technical class. Whatever your reason, sign up for a class and have fun!

Volunteer as a venue
Do you have a business or other public space available for classes? Would you like to introduce new people to your establishment? Sign up as a venue and begin meeting your new customers immediately

Be a supporter!
As a startup, we can use all the support you can offer. Tell people about us, follow us on Facebook, share our tweets. The larger our following, the more interesting our class offerings and venues will grow. Like us today on Facebook!  Follow us on Twitter

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